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Whether you’re preparing for your solo exhibition, or perfecting the gallery wall
in your living room of family photos and memories, we print your art images +
photographs masterfully with the highest level of craftsmanship.
We are run by visual artists, process-driven alike to our own art practice,
we print on only artist-approved papers, fabrics and canvas, using genuine
archival quality pigments.
We have strict quality requirements for each item we ship, so rest assured
that you’re getting a piece that meets our supreme standards.

Your Vision Is Priceless. Never Lose Sight Of It.

If you have big goals, you probably had a moment of inspiration that created them.
Remember how your eyes lit up with possibilities at that moment? How you felt the
resolve to act and bring your vision to life?

You Can’t Just Wait For Inspiration To Strike

Your environment has an astounding effect on your thoughts—whether you’re
consciously aware of it or not. So, what are you staring at every day?
How is it keeping you aligned and inspired?

That’s Why We Created ARTXLEGACY

…To bring you much more than a beautiful Art on the wall.
We’ve put staggering amounts of passion into our art to touch you on a core level
and awaken your drive, confidence, and motivation every day.
If you’re still reading this, chances are you’re ready to optimize your environment
now and claim the life you want.
The longer you wait, the more you delay putting your best foot forward. We’re here
to make sure you do it right.

Some Nice Things People Have Said About Us

"I love my Art!!! This is the second purchase I have made from Canvas and once again I am very pleased. You can’t beat the quality of work and price. Thank you all again :)"
- Sierra S
“Love this company, cannot wait for friends and colleagues to see the art and join the movement”
- Lance T
"Amazing! Great quality and craftsmanship with frame and hardware. Highly recommend."
-Yetri F
“I had a slight issue when trying to utilize an offered discount. Contacted them and the issue was resolved quickly with an even higher discount. Stoked. Great experience.  Thank you”
- Sarah C
"Easy order to submit. Great quality & quick to ship. Was a birthday present for my fiancée and he loves it!"
- Jennifer W